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Start-Up SME Centres (SSC) Ghana Ltd facilitates Capacity and Capital for Farmers, Cooperatives, Start-Ups and SMEs in Agribusiness, Manufacturing, Technology, Services, Green Economy, Landscapes, Forests, Sustainability and Climate Impacts.


The Purpose of this is to promote business Productivity, Profitability and Sustainability using model that meets the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) overarching focus of ‘leaving no one behind’ by the use of comprehensive business model which is inclusive of all partners and multistakeholders in local society, by multiplying business opportunities, developing societal good and positive values and sustaining the use and efficiencies of natural resources and Environment with future generations in mind. In this project, it is possible to achieve productivity, profitability, sustainable human and societal development and protection of our environment in an equitable, inclusive and just manner, thereby fulfilling global standard business best practices in Responsible business conduct (RBC)...

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Capacity Strengthening for Farmers, Cooperatives, Start-Ups and SMEs

Productivity, Profitability and Sustainability of Farmers, Cooperatives, Start-Ups and SMEs, Start-Ups and SMEs Investor Readiness and Integration of Start-Ups SMEs in Trade and Export Value Chain will be achieved through Capacity Strengthening of Start-Ups and SMEs in the form of the knowledge, resources, information, skills that entrepreneurs need to run their businesses, through training, coaching, mentoring and role modeling on entrepreneurship, business development, financial management, basic records keeping, filings of paper work with government, risks identification and management and support to develop business plans…

Policy Research and Advocacy


Policy Research and Advocacy will enhance Favourable Policy, Legal and regulatory environment for Start-Ups to thrive. This will be done by undertaking policy research on the conditions, importance and effects of Farmers, Cooperatives, Start-Ups and SMEs and using that to rally around Multistakeholders such as Public Institutions, Private Sector, CSOs, Knowledge Institutions, Think-Tanks and Development Partners to enhance visibility for the conditions of Start-Ups and SMEs and the need for transformative change. Events that will be captured in the media, including video and TV series on Start-Ups and SMEs will be vital for this. Sustained evidence based advocacy for policy changes is the only sure hope for meaningful and transformative change for Farmers, Cooperatives, start-Ups and SMEs in Ghana..

Investor Readiness Seminars (IRF)

Lack of capacity of smallholder farmers is the reason why they do not get funding.  They lack capacity to run farming as business and therefore do not meet investor requirements and cannot easily raise capital. The same applies to cooperatives start-ups and SMEs in agribusiness.

This is reason Start-Up SME Centres (SSC) Ghana Ltd was set up to build capacity of Farmers Cooperatives Start-Ups and SMEs in agribusiness to enable them to run as professional businesses of pride and become investor ready. 

It’s reason it was partnership was proposed partnership between Coalition of Farmers Ghana  (COFAG) and SSC Ghana Ltd so SSC will prepare COFAG and it’s members to be professional businesses and investor ready . 

 For example cofag and it’s members may not qualify for the recent € 200,000 – 800000 that was announced recently of IFAD and it’s partners  unless they are made investor ready. 

Investor Readiness is reason several investor readiness seminars were organised in Accra, Tema-Ashaiman, Asankragwa and Kumasi. 

Now it is proposed to COFAG Executive and Members to embrace some kind of arrangement for SSC to render this vital service to COFAG, it’s members, Its women and Young Farmers so they can attract finance

and Investment Capital sourcing , Business Development and entrepreneurship  components of any professional business.

In all there were about 165 participants in 5 Investor Readiness Seminars (IRF) in Accra, Tema, Asankragwa and Kumasi between June-December 2019

There is the need to focus on Conditioning Measures for Enhanced Investment Climate for Start-Ups and SMEs.

This programme will do a lot to contribute its quota to the conditioning measures required to enhance Investor confidence in Farmers, Cooperatives, Start-Ups and SMEs in Ghana, as ‘there is a need to demystify the investment landscape on the continent and centre the discourse on the role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

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